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Recherche Data Gouv

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Establishment year
The 2nd French National Plan for Open Science, published in 2021, present global actions on three main axes: open access, open data, and open source codes. One of the actions under the 2nd axis is to create a national federated platform to support the national community on the path to opening their data.
Recherche Data Gouv started as a multi-years project in 2021, with the aim to build a sustainable ecosystem, which officially opened and launched in July 2022.
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Organization/unit structure, e.g.
The governance of the CC will take place at national level. The first perimeter of the CC will correspond to the existing Recherche Data Gouv ecosystem, which has a shared governance involving the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research as well as national organisations and universities. As stated above, the CC will aim at enlarging its scope by interacting with other structures and partners at national level.
  • Data management, especially sharing and publishing
  • Open Science practices
  • FAIR principles implementation
  • OS ELSI aspects
  • Disciplinary data support
  • Research Output Management services (consulting on data repository and data curation)

The CC will aim at enlarging its scope to other aspects of Open Science (especially source code and publications) by engaging with the relevant partners and bodies within the French landscape.
Individuals and Institutions/Organizations
Recherche Data Gouv is a distributed/federated ecosystem that groups different structures with different scopes (geographical, disciplinary, support focused). Common members are active in a number of different structures, interacting, relaying key information and organizing events
Services offered
  • Training
  • Support and advice (All aspects of RDM)
  • Ready-to-reuse learning materials
  • National policy coordination
  • Working Groups (brainstroming, networking)
Recherche Data Gouv operates by federating human resources from its different partners and components. The following figures are approximate:
  • Local/geographical nodes: ~80 FTE across the whole country
  • Thematic nodes: ~10FTE
  • Resource Centres: ~5FTE
  • Platform development and operation: ~6FTE
  • Coordination and animation: ~2FTE
Operational Tools
Recherche Data Gouv technical platform is a data repository based on Dataverse. It also comprises of a web frontend for general purpose and external communication, and a catalogue module, which is under development.
Is part of EOSC ecosystem?
Not yet, but there are on-going actions on that.