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Supporting EOSC
Co-funded by the European Union
Co-funded by UKRI

Zotero libraries for sharing sources and material

At Skills4EOSC, we utilise Zotero libraries to facilitate the sharing and organisation of selected sources and materials. This plays a pivotal role in the successful execution of various project tasks and activities.

Why We Use Zotero

In the Skills4EOSC project, many tasks and activities demand the collection and categorization of external materials and resources that need to be produced within the project itself. These resources serve as foundational references for the work conducted by our team members. By employing Zotero, we can efficiently manage and distribute these resources, making them accessible to both the EOSC community and the broader Open Science community.

The current Skills4EOSC Zotero libraries are:

By maintaining these Zotero libraries, we aim to foster collaboration, knowledge sharing, and a stronger EOSC and Open Science community. Feel free to explore these resources and stay connected with our project's progress.