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Supporting EOSC
Co-funded by the European Union
Co-funded by UKRI

User Support Network

Skills4EOSC introduces the User Support Network (USN), a strategic initiative designed to facilitate the adoption of open science practices across Europe. This network brings together User Support Channels (USCs) – groups of experts that support researchers in using computing resources, data repositories, artificial intelligence tools, and other services essential for their research workflows.
The USN aims to create a collaborative ecosystem where these experts can seek help, advice, and guidance to overcome challenges in specialized fields related to Open Science. By connecting existing groups of experts - here called “User Support Channels”, the network promotes knowledge sharing, skill development, collaborative projects, and resource exchange.

What are User Support Channels?

User Support Channels, either formally or informally structured, are groups of experts that provide technical, operational, or consultancy support to researchers of a specific community, infrastructure, service, or resource. These channels assist researchers in accessing computing resources, publishing data, utilizing AI tools, and more. USCs often provide training encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration and best practice sharing.

Benefits of Joining the User Support Network

  • Knowledge sharing through dedicated repositories, forums, and documentation
  • Collaborative training programs on specialized services like AI and HPC
  • Engagement in collaborative projects and resource sharing
  • Access to FAIR-by-Design materials for creating accessible and discoverable training resources

Get Involved

If you represent a groups of experts (User Support Channel) interested in joining the USN, please complete the registration form. Your participation will contribute to building a collaborative environment that supports researchers in overcoming challenges and fosters excellence in user support across the EOSC ecosystem.