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Deliverables & Milestones

In this section, you find the Deliverables and Milestones published on the Zenodo Skills4EOSC Community.

D6.1 Mapping of existing professional networks

Uploaded on February 1, 2023
Authors: Buss, Mareike; Athanasaki, Evangelia; Bernier, Mathilde; Drachen, Thea Marie; Fogtmann-Schulz, Alexandra; Hadrossek, Christine; Horton, Laurence; Janik, Joanna; Moldrup-Dalum, Per; Pasquale, Valentina; Schöller, Emily Thorsson; Sharma, Curtis; Torres Ramos, Gabriela; Ulfsparre, Sanna Isabel; Vlachos, Evgenios;

Skills4EOSC harnesses professional and thematic networks of peers as vehicles for lifelong learning and for building and sustaining the EOSC-ready digitally skilled workforce. This deliverable provides an overview of the current landscape of Open Science related professional networks in Europe.

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D1.1 Data Management Plan

Uploaded on December 23, 2022
Authors: Miksa, Tomasz; Jaber, Samah; Ashley, Kevin; Teperek, Marta; Di Giorgio, Sara; Lazzeri, Emma.

This deliverable is the initial Data Management Plan (DMP) for the Skills4EOSC project, delivered in M4. It will be kept updated as a living document. The DMP addresses the relevant aspects of the management of data and other outputs produced by the project, according to the principles outlined in the Embedding Open Science in the Skills4EOSC Methodology section.

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