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MoU is signed with NI4OS

| Sara Di Giorgio | news

Skills4EOSC has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the project NI4OS-Europe to exchange and collaborate on training and learning paths about EOSC and FAIR data stewardship principles.

An EOSC regional implementation project funded under the H2020 programme, Ni4OS started in September 2019 and will end on 28 February 2023, among the various activities conducted to support the development and inclusion of the national Open Science Cloud initiatives among the partners, has created a training platform offering a variety of training materials and self-paced online courses. This includes training on topics relating to Open Science and the FAIR data principles (

This experience will be shared through the MoU, which will allow the projects to:

  • Support and stimulate collaboration on the topics of training materials and training platform implementation and operation
  • Share training materials and training best practices and experiences, know-how and technology.
  • Share experiences on FAIR-ification of existing training materials including the technical readiness of training platforms and catalogues to offer and support machine-readable access to training information and adherence to common metadata schemas.
  • Cooperate on the definition of a FAIR-by-design training methodology and its adoption and implementation among the trainer communities.
  • Cooperate on the best practices for the definition and implementation of learning paths and profiles.
  • Strength the quality assurance processes related to the development and delivery of learning materials and monitoring of stakeholders' feedback.
  • Stimulate and strengthen national and regional cooperation in the field of Open Science, Open Data and EOSC training.
  • Collaborate on mapping of competencies, professional networks and open science cloud communities.
  • Cooperate on dissemination and communication actions.