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Skills4EOSC releases 1st draft of Open Science Career Profiles and MVS for community review

| Sara Di Giorgio | news

Towards a shared framework for the recognition of competencies required for Open Science practitioners.

The first outcome of the Skills4EOSC project has been published and it's open up for review from external communities. The paper '1st Draft of Open Science Career Profiles and MVS' describes essential skills and concepts required to deliver Open Science (OS) outcomes for communities and organisations. Each MVS for a research-related role identifies its OS mission, the typical activities it undertakes in delivering OS outcomes, and the essential skills and competencies required for this. By profiling each role, an MVS will help trainers and those who train them to identify from relevant competence frameworks and skills resources the main ingredients of courses and curricula they may need for building capacity in those roles.

Please provide your comments and insights on how well the format meets its purpose by responding to an online questionnaire, by the 31st of March. It is also possible to send feedback on example MVS for Policymakers and on roles that should be treated as priorities for developing further MVS. Your comments will be considered before deciding the priorities.

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