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Skills4EOSC rolls out Pilot Open Science Training for students

| Sara Di Giorgio | news

A Pilot course for undergraduate students is ongoing at Tampere University. The course introduces undergraduate students to Open Science and research data management, providing them with the basic knowledge and skills needed in today's research environment - in their studies and future careers.

The course was developed during the winter and opened for the students at Tampere University in March. The course is based on earlier, well-established, open-learning materials, which have been adapted and combined for this purpose. It is a self-paced online course.

 The course aligns with the Minimum Viable Skillsets for Undergraduates developed in the project. The course consists of six modules. The modules cover Open Science, Open Access, copyright and licensing, research data management, and research impact and visibility. During the course, students will learn the key principles and goals of Open Science. The course teaches students how Open Access works and why making research freely available benefits everyone. It also explains intellectual property, copyright, and open licensing, and how these concepts fit into Open Science. The course highlights why managing data correctly is important and shows how to do it. Additionally, students will learn about research impact and how to increase the visibility and influence of research.

Comprehensive feedback will be collected from the pilot course participants and used to develop the course during the autumn before it is reopened to a wider audience. The preliminary feedback shows a need for this type of course, which has been considered very useful.