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Successful delivery of Pilot Training on Open Science and Research Data Management in Climate Change

| Sara Di Giorgio | news

Led by the University of Trento, this initiative aimed to equip participants with essential skills and knowledge in Open Science and Research Data Management tailored to the challenges of Climate Change research.

The pilot comprises a module spanning two half-day online sessions. It is mainly targeting early career researchers and focuses on essential aspects of Open Science (OS) and Research Data Management (RDM). The pilot was attended by researchers affiliated to CMCC, the University of Trento and TU-Delft. It focused on a range of competences identified in the Minimum Viable Skillset for Researchers, such as opportunities and practices of OS and domain-specific Open Science principles.  

The pilot offered a comprehensive overview of a broader curriculum on delivering, managing, re-using, sharing and analysing FAIR data that is currently under preparation. On the first day, the trainers delivered an introductory session on Open Science and FAIR principles, which was succeeded by a theoretical webinar and a hands-on session. The second day featured a three-hour webinar, incorporating a Q&A session and practical activities.

Key topics covered include the data lifecycle, research data management practices, Open Science principles, FAIR principles, preparation of data management plans, and significant infrastructural initiatives in Climate Science.