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Survey on Data Stewards in Italy

| Sara Di Giorgio | news

For mapping professionals supporting research data management.

ICDI (Italian Computing and Data Infrastructure), the mandated organisation in the EOSC Association and coordinating the Skills4EOSC, has launched a survey aimed at creating a national community of Data Stewards in Italy. This survey seeks to map the current presence of data stewards throughout the country.
It is open until May 31, 2023 to all interested parties, who can respond on a personal level or on behalf of their institution.

Respondents participating in the survey will also have the opportunity to join the new national Data Steward network.

WP6 'Professional networks for lifelong training', will analyse the survey results and the ‘Data Steward Network Starter Kit’ (developed by WP6) will be piloted in the creation of this Italian network.

This survey represents a significant milestone in the effort to promote data stewardship in Italy. It is an exciting opportunity for those interested in contributing to the harmonisation and creation of professional networks connected to National Open Science Competence Centres in Europe.

The link to the survey