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Brainstorming online

Protezione civile

Workshop on Open Science, Research Data Management and Decision-Making

9 April 2024 - 9:00-13:00

The goal of this Brainstorming online Workshop is to promote an open discussion among scientists and different stakeholders on OS and RDM, exchanging and sharing visions, perspectives and opinions on data sharing and managing with a particular focus on policy making and decision making focusing in particular on Disaster Risk Management in the Civil Protection area.

Protezione civile

Expected Outcomes

Being a brainstorming workshop, the main expected outcome is the sharing of visions, the understanding of approaches to implement and support OS (focusing on Open Access to data and research products) and RDM, as well as their implications for decision making. Interpreting the OS as "open as possible closed as necessary", it would be useful to share viewpoints among engaged stakeholders on how to manage openness, embargoes, and restrictions in accessing data and scientific products.

Moreover, this workshop will pave the way for a panel discussion on the same topic that will be held during the 8th European Civil Protection Forum (Brussels, 4-5 June 2024).

PDF of the report "Workshop on Open Science, Research Data Management, and Decision-Making"

PDF of the booklet "Guidelines and Best Practices for Honest Brokers"


  • 9:00 - 9:15
    Welcome from the Organizers and introduction to the event
    M. Cocco, D. Di Bucci
  • 9:15 - 10:45

    Session 1: Framework Definition

    The goal of this session is to present the current landscape on the topic from four different perspectives: i) pan-European initiatives fostering Open Science (OS); ii) Research infrastructures creating data; iii) European Civil Protection governing the EU context; iv) National Civil Protection using these data for decision- and policy-making.

    Chairperson: Chiara Cardaci (ICPD)
  • 9:15 - 9:30
    The Pan-European framework of OS and RDM
    EOSC, Volker Beckmann
  • 9:30 - 9:45
    Research Infrastructures: Open access to Data and RDM
    EPOS, Massimo Cocco
  • 9:45 - 10:00
    Evidence-based Decision Making: pan-European context
    DG-ECHO-KN, Gaetano Vivo
  • 10:00 - 10:15
    National Civil Protection Agency: open access and decision making
    ICPD, Daniela Di Bucci
  • 10:15 - 10:45
  • 10:45 - 11:00
  • 11:00 - 13:00

    Session 2: Panel Discussion on key aspects of Open Access to data, data management and decision-making

    Panelists: Alessandro Sola (DG-ECHO KN), Olimpia Imperiali (DG-ECHO ERCC), Alberto Michelini (Aristotle), Tom De Groeve (JRC), Giorgio Rossi (EOSC), Serge Scory (ENVRI)

    • Tour de Table with Panelists (30 minutes)
    • Q/A from attendees (60 minutes)
    • Open discussion with attendees (30 minutes)

    Rapporteurs: Mario Locati (INGV), Sara Di Giorgio (Skills4EOSC), Giovanna Forlenza (ARISTOTLE)

    Moderators: Emma Lazzeri (Skills4EOSC), Daniela Di Bucci (ICPD)

The topics discussed were brought to the European Civil Protection Forum, which took place in Brussels on June 4-5, 2024, in the session titled "Open Science, Research Data Management and Evidence-based Civil Protection Decision-Making":
View the agenda:

The video recording of the session in Brussels "Open Science, Research Data Management and Evidence-based Civil Protection Decision-Making"

Link to the LinkedIn post with a brief summary of the event:
View the post

who will participate?

Name Surname Affiliation Confirmed
124 Victoria Dominguez Del Angel INRIA Yes
123 massimiliano stucchi INGV Yes
122 Volker Beckmann MESR No
121 Gianna Vivaldo CNR Yes
120 Francesca Quareni INGV Yes
119 Joanna Janik CNRS Yes
118 Betty Evangelinou GRNET Yes
117 Tom De Groeve European Commission Joint Research Centre No
116 Serg Scory RBINS Yes
115 ANDRES ABARCA GEM Foundation Yes
114 Chiara Porru Università di Cagliari Yes
113 Giovanna Forlenza INGV No
112 Giorgio Rossi Università di Milano No
111 Alberto Michelini INGV No
110 Enrico Indovina INGV Yes
109 Carla Pimentel Rodrigues ISCIA No
108 Claudio Chiarabba Ingv Yes
107 Letizia Spampinato INGV Yes
106 Olimpia Imperiali European Commission Yes
105 Francesca Bianco INGV Yes
104 Arnaud Ceol Istituto Europeo di Oncologia Yes
103 Roxana Cerda Cosme UC3M No
102 Patricia Martínez Galisteo Fisabio Foundation No
100 Pia Alejandra Galvez Lindegaard PhD candidate in Fine Arts Yes
99 Grau Nina Inrae Yes
98 viola vallini DPC No
97 Sac Medina DLR Yes
96 Chiara Scaini OGS Yes
95 Massimo Cocco Istituto Nazionale Geofisica Vulcanologia Yes
94 Gaetano Vivo DG ECHO European Commission Yes
93 Carlo Cipolloni ISPRA Yes
92 Mohamed Naim Iuss pavia Yes
91 Mohit Garg Indian Institute of Technology Delhi No
90 Vincenzo Romano INGV Yes
89 Simone Marzorati INGV Yes
88 Rossana Paciello INGV Yes
87 Milena Moretti INGV Yes
86 Dario Irrera RELAB Yes
85 Roberto Basili INGV Yes
84 Roberto Vallone INGV Yes
83 Emilio Ferrara Regione Campania Yes
82 stefano cacciaguerra INGV No
81 Gaetano Vivo European Commission DG ECHO No
80 Richard Dennis UCPH Yes
79 Antonio Francipane UNIPA Yes
78 Juliano Ramanantsoa UiB Yes
77 Agnieszka Mtupa Ndiaye Institute of Geophysics PAS Yes
76 Ania Lesnodorska Institute of Geophysics PAS Yes
75 Alexia Cociancich OGS Yes
74 Alessandro Sarretta CNR Yes
73 Daniela Di Bucci Italian Civil Protection Department Yes
72 Alberto Viglione Politecnico di Torino Yes
71 Ouafik Boulariah University of Cagliari Yes
69 Stefano Luigi Gariano CNR IRPI Yes
68 Federica Fiorucci CNR Yes
66 Agnes Jasinska DCC Yes
65 Scira Menoni Politecnico di Milano Yes
64 Alfonso Rossi Filangieri Fondazione RETURN Yes
63 Valeria Giampaolo CNR Yes
62 Myriam Chergui BRGM Yes
61 Mareike Buss Copenhagen Business School No
60 Lottie Provost CNR Yes
59 Martin Hammitzsch GFZ Yes
58 Chiara Scaini OGS No
57 Melese Temesgen Salilih OGS Yes
56 Maria Sole Benigni CNR IGAG Yes
55 Laura Peruzza OGS Yes
54 Angela Saraò OGS Yes
53 Antonio Colombi Italian civil protection department Yes
52 Pasquale Cantiello INGV Yes
51 Rui Pinho EUCENTRE Foundation Yes
50 Marco Pagani GEM Foundation Yes
49 Lavinia Tunini OGS No
48 Antonella Peresan OGS Yes
47 Valerio Poggi OGS Yes
46 Rocco Ditommaso University of Basilicata Yes
45 Chiara Cardaci ICPD Yes
44 Fabio Germagnoli Eucentre Yes
43 Maira Marzioni INGV Yes
42 Henning Lorenz Uppsala University Yes
41 Aoife Braiden Geological Survey Ireland Yes
40 Mario Locati INGV Yes
39 Ornela De Giacomo EPOS ERIC Yes
38 Mauro Dolce ReLUIS Yes
37 Filomena Severino Istituto Superiore per la Protezione e la Ricerca Ambientale Yes
36 Letizia Costanza CNR No
35 Maxim Smirnov Luleå University of Technology Yes
34 Daniela Mercurio EPOS ERIC ECO Yes
33 Tomaso Esposti Ongaro INGV Yes
32 Stefano Pintore INGV Yes
31 Maria Pia Congi ISPRA Yes
30 Claudia Piromallo INGV Yes
29 Rosella Nave Ingv OV No
28 Rosa Nappi INGV Yes
27 Federica Tanlongo EPOS ERIC Yes
26 Giuseppe Puglisi INGV Yes
25 Eugenio Trumpy CNR Yes
24 Elisa Trasatti INGV Yes
23 Paolo Marco De Martini INGV Yes
22 Giuliana Rubbia INGV Yes
21 Licia Faenza INGV Yes
20 Claudia Fratianni INGV Yes
19 Vittorio Cannas INGV Yes
18 Alessia Mercuri INGV Yes
17 Chiara Montagna INGV Yes
16 Giulia Dotta INGV Yes
15 Carlo Meletti INGV Yes
14 Umberto Fracassi INGV Yes
13 Lorenzo Vitrano INGV Yes
12 Alfonso Mandiello INGV Yes
11 Lucia Pappalardo INGV Yes
10 Jan Michalek EPOS Yes
9 Teresa Capula DG ECHO Yes
8 Daniel Turner DCC Yes
7 Anna Berlin DG ECHO No
6 Paul Henshaw GEM Foundation Yes
5 Andres Abarca GEM Foundation No
4 Massimo Cocco INGV No
3 Nicola Rebora CIMA Research Foundation Yes
2 Nana Anastasopoulou GRNET No
1 Sabrina Brizioli CNR Yes