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Public launch of the Skills4EOSC Competence Centres Network

the Skills4EOSC Project will host the public launch event of its Competence Centres Network

On June 25, 2024, from 9:30 to 12:30 CEST

During this virtual event, you will discover the Skills4EOSC Competence Centres (S4E CCs). According to the project's vision, these CCs are hubs for Open Science and EOSC activities in their respective countries or thematic domains. The S4E CCs are collaborative entities and networks bringing together extensive expertise in Open Science and data management across various domains. They provide training and support while collaborating at the pan-European level to align curricula, quality assurance, and certification schemes for competencies and materials related to Open Science, FAIR research output management, and the EOSC context.

The event is free, but registration is required. Please complete the registration form to secure your spot:


June 25, 2024, from 9:30 to 12:30 CEST

  • 9:30 - 9:40
    Ourania Skondra, European Commission

  • 9:40 - 10:20

    Understanding the Role of Competence Centres in the EOSC Framework
    Round table with Javier Lopez Albacete (European Commission), Sara Garavelli, CSC (EOSC-A BoD), Romain David, ERINHA (OSCARS project), Kevin Ashely, DCC (Skills4EOSC Project)

    Chairperson: Eva Mendéz, Universidad Carlos III (U3CM)
  • 10:20 - 10:35

    Overview of Skills4EOSC outcomes and resources
    Emma Lazzeri (CNR)

  • 10:35 - 10:50

    Open discussion and Q&A

  • 10:50 - 11:05
  • 11:05 - 11:15

    Setting up the Skills4EOSC Competence Centres Network and looking to the future
    Sara Di Giorgio, GARR (Skills4EOSC Project)


    Showcase of Skills4EOSC Competence Centres Champions and main outcomes of the project

  • 11:15 - 11:25

    Competence Centres - Italy
    Valentina Pasquale, IIT (ICDI)

  • 11:25 - 11:35

    Professionalising Data Stewards
    Nida van Leersum and Saba Sharma, TU Delft (Skills4EOSC Project)

  • 11:35 - 11:45

    Competence Centres - France
    Gilles Mathieu, Recherche Data Gouv

  • 11:45 - 11:55

    Supporting Policy makers and honest brokers
    Betty Evangelinou, GRNET (Skills4EOSC Project)

  • 11:55 - 12:05

    Competence Centres - Sweden
    Eva Stensköld, SND

  • 12:05 - 12:30

    Open discussion and Wrap-up
    Emma Lazzeri, CNR

Join us for this insightful event to learn about the role of Skills4EOSC CCs in connecting stakeholders to national and international programs related to Open Science and the EOSC.

Be part of this significant milestone in advancing Open Science and the EOSC ecosystem by attending the public launch of the Skills4EOSC Competence Centres Network.

Public launch

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